The workshops doors first open in 25 Kingly Street occupying the entire top floor, in what is now London’s trendy Soho, seen here through the Liberty clock entrance off Regent Street.


Thomas John Loughridge after travelling the world during his national service (due to signing the national secrets act we cannot expand on this), with even a short stint living in New Zealand completed his jewellery studies back at London’s Central School of Arts as a fine jewellery diamond mounter, as well as a silver smith, and engraver.


Meeting and marrying his wife Maureen the workshop now traded under the name ‘T. J & M Loughridge’. Still operating out of Kingly Street the business focused mainly on the trade, and auction houses.

Thomas & his staff created some of the world’s finest jewels, sadly few of the designs in our archive from this early period remain.


Thomas & Maureen’s third born John, also with a brief stint abroad like his father, with his being in Dubai, and now awaiting a green card to work in New York, after being head hunted from his existing business’s first caught the jewellery bug following a challenge from his father to design a piece for one of his existing clients that at that time had been a fan of Grima’s work from the 60’s. After some tweaking from his original concept resulting in this stunning 17+ carat cabochon Ruby heart & diamond multi-functional piece, with matching ring. The path to ‘& Son’ was now born.

Embarrassed by his first ever attempt at water colour, as his career till now was in technical drawing he then trained at the Sir John Cass to hone his skills in painting. Around this time the company also began keeping photographic records of its creations for the 1st time.


John entered one of Thomas’ pieces into a design competition sponsored by Cartier for the first time. The multi-functional piece, which incorporates exceptionally fine Columbian Emeralds, top quality diamonds, mounted entirely by hand in Platinum came an impressive 2nd place to Cartier.

By 1993

‘TJL’ & Son continued to build on a thriving business with a wider range of private clients, so John put his interior design skills to work by designing the bussiness’ first showroom in Kingly Street to more easily display their fine jewellery creations.

Around this time, ‘TJL’ was also handpicked to exhibit at the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths annual exhibition at St. Pauls. With our creations proving to be the most popular from the 80+ exhibitors. As seen here with an example of the Goldsmiths global advertising.


‘TJL’ expanded its business into a workshop on New Bond Street, which it ran for Royal Scandinavian (Copenhagen).

Around this time ‘TJL’ started its first ever media campaign focusing directly on the public.


Saw ‘TJL’ launch into the bridal market, exhibiting around the UK.

Around this time also privately exhibiting around the world in locations such as San Fransisco.


Following his parents retirement around this time, saw ‘TJL’ launch its first media campaign directly towards men’s jewellery, with their unique ‘Nuts Collection’.



Saw ‘TJL’ further expanded its business from Kingly Street to include the management of Georg Jensen’s 450+ wholesale outlets across the UK & Ireland, as well as its three London stores.


‘TJL’ launched its first website.


Model wearing the Aquamarine, Sapphire & Diamond ring with over 17 carats of stones.

Pop star wearing one of ‘TJL’s Syncro Platinum rings.


Saw ‘TJL’ open its flagship store in Albemarle Street off from Bond Street in London’s exclusive Mayfair, welcoming clients & guests to its launch night with the likes of Sinitta Malone (synonymous with Simon Cowell’s X Factor), Claire Richards (from music group ‘Steps’), TV’s Ebony Thomas, girl band ‘Bellefire’, singer and song writer Maria Wilson, and many well-known footballers wives.



Saw the creation of ‘TJL’s Plumeria collection containing over 150 carats of natural fancy intense, and vivid yellow, and white diamonds. At over £2.5 million no expense was spared even adding a Diamond set ‘D’ to the handcrafted boxes so as not to mix up with the Ruby or Emerald suites in the clients safe. View the full Plumeria collection here.

Some of our corporate clients to date have included the likes of;

Asprey's, Backes & Strauss, Basia Zarzycka

Bentley & Skinner, Bonham's, Boodle & Dunthorne, Boucheron, Chaumet, Christies, Collingwood’s (of Bond Street), Dianoor, Elizabeth Gage

Garrards, Georg Jensen, Geoffrey Rowlandson

Graham Thom, Gratz

Hamilton & Inches (of Edinburgh), Hancock’s (of Manchester), Harpers (of Harrogate), Harrods (numerous concessions), Justin Richardson (Canterbury), Liberty (numerous concessions), Mappin & Webb, Ogden's, Phillips, Quadrillion, Robinson Pelham, Royal Scandinavia (Copenhagen), Richard Smith Ltd., Sotheby's

The South Sea pearl Company, W. Truman, T & B Cousins & Sons Canterbury, Wempe.

Some special clients & commissions have included the likes of these examples that follow.

Precious metal riding spurs for ceremonial wear, for the King Of Spain.

Emerald & Diamond motif rung as a chocker, seen here on the Queen of Norway.

The late Lady Rothermere, seen here wearing the sapphire & diamond necklace, along with another of her pieces this multi-row emerald and diamond necklace in preliminary sketch form and final finished photo form.

Ruby & Diamond multi-functional brooch, the Sultan Of Brunei.

3 stone Diamond Syncro for Kian from the boy band Westlife, commissioned by his beautiful wife Jodi.

Commissioned by the British Interplanetary Society for Sir Arthur C. Clarke CBE, FRAS. With the presentation taking place via a live Satellite link between NASA (USA), London & Sri Lanka. The blue Apatite crystal cut as a sphere represents the earth. The orbits are in silver and gold, with the black obelisk influenced by Stanley Kubrick’s film ‘2001: A space Odyssey’ mounted on Ebonised hardwood.

Exceptionally rare Aquamarine at 1091 carat, mounted as a paper weight.

An Italian count requested this Rolls Royce remote key fob holder in yellow gold

Ferrari key ring mounted in multi coloured 18 karat gold

Commissioned by Jack Barclay in white precious metal, this Bentley key ring displaying the infamous ‘B’


Commissioned by a father to his daughter as an engagement present, exquisite ruby and diamond suite.

Various members of The Saudi Royal Family

Pearl & Diamond chocker suite.

Various members of The Saudi Royal Family,

Ruby & Diamond set

Various members of The Saudi Royal Family,

all diamond suite

Various members of The Saudi Royal Family,

stunning sapphire and diamonds suite

Our designs continue to be a leading head turner.


Please note;

Most of the images on this page/website have been taken in house, acknowledgement to outside photographers go to A. C. Cooper, Packshot factory, and longstanding close friend David Venni. People of note imagery cut out from national press releases.

Special notice;

In listing these names, it does not imply/represent an endorsement/promotion/advertisement by any means of that company or individual.

Finished jewellery images displayed on this page/website does not imply that ‘TJL’ (T. J & M. Loughridge & Son) claim to be the copyright owners, or necessarily the designers of the original designs in the first instance.

For example creating the handmade pieces for Elizabeth Gage clients/stock for approximately 30 years, we fully respect her designs as her intellectual property whilst our technical experience/skills/methods enabled some of her creations to have been made.