Plumeria Collection

The ‘Plumeria Collection’ is a one off set containing almost 150 carats of stunning natural yellow and white diamonds, inspired by the Plumeria flower

With no showroom and no red carpet to boast of, some might wonder at our continued success. We believe the answer lies in our commitment to unique design and high quality service. In 2009 alone, our sales rose by over $8,000,000.

Our latest innovation comes in the form of Plumeria - a diamond set inspired by the beautiful tropical American flower, the Plumeria Pudica.

The earrings form part of this exclusive range containing a matching collection of rare, intense and vivid yellow diamonds. Almost 150 carats of diamonds complete the set, with white diamonds "E" in colour and "VVS" in clarity.

Plumeria Collection

Exquisite Earrings

These exquisite earrings form part of our stunning new collection and incorporate our hand-made ear clips as well as a fold-down earpost for additional security. Made with rarely found large yellow diamonds, they have a timeless appeal

Stunning Necklace

No detail has been spared with this stunning necklace. Each carefully crafted flower has been individually rung with diamonds. Stylised butterflies containing top quality pear-shaped yellow-orange, orange-yellow and white diamonds are strategically interspersed at the front, whilst the diamond rings towards the back are centred with matching round brilliant cut diamonds.

Tiara for Special Occasions

For that extra special occasion there is also a matching tiara, which incorporates a detachable frame. The customised box, with a unique raise and release mechanism, also contains easy-to-use instructions.

Maximum Versatility

For maximum versatility, we have designed the tiara so that it can be attached to our necklace to create a truly show stopping piece.

Hidden Fastener and Safety Catch

The fastener and safety catch are neatly hidden behind a flower. A yellow diamond thumb piece opens the necklace.

Alternative to the Tiara

As an alternative to the tiara, the sections can be used to make a cuff/bangle and a ring. With several variations available, this option requires a complementary fitting service.

Hand-crafted Leather Box

To house your collection, we have designed a distinctive, hand-crafted black leather box, encrusted with 18 carat white gold and 1.29 carats of diamonds to create a diamond "D" for each box. Each box has been carefully finished with a matt black sued interior, offering the ultimate in protection for our Plumeria diamond set.

  • Overall Diamond Weight 147.99 Carats
  • Total large certificated yellow diamond weight 27.59 carats
  • Total pear shape certificated yellow diamond weight 9.11 carats
  • Total small yellow diamond weight 1.92 carats
  • Total yellow diamond overall weight 38.62 carats
  • Total large certificated white diamond weight 11.60 carats)
  • Total round white diamond weight 68.42 carats ('D/E'/'VVS2/VS1')
  • Total white round diamond weight 80.02 carats
  • Total pear shape white diamond weight 29.35 carats ('D/E'/'VVS2/VS1')
Price: GBP £2,590,000.00 SOLD
Stone Map
  • Flower 'A' Total weight 7.59 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 3.cts, white diamonds 4.59cts.
  • Flower 'B' Total weight 9.68 carats White round centre (certificated) 2.02cts, pears 2.5cts, rounds 5.16cts.
  • Flower 'C' Total weight 10.26 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 3.57cts, whites 6.69cts.
  • Flower 'D' Total weight 9.27 carats White round centre (certificated) 2.01cts, pears 2.1cts, rounds 5.16cts.
  • Flower 'E' Total weight 7.67 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 3.11cts, white diamonds 4.56cts.
  • Flower 'F' Total weight 3.83 carats White round centre (certificated) 1.01cts, pears 1.01cts, rounds 1.81cts.
  • Flower 'G' Total weight 3.72 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 1.21cts, white rounds 2.51cts.
  • Flower 'H' Total weight 3.96 carats White round centre (certificated) 1.02cts, pears 1.17cts, rounds 1.77cts.
  • Flower 'I' Total weight 4.64 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 2.06cts, white diamonds 2.58cts./li>
  • Flower 'J' Total weight 4.50 carats White round centre (certificated) 1.50cts, pears 1.23cts, rounds 1.77cts.
  • Flower 'K' Total weight 6.27 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 2.17cts, white diamonds 4.10cts.
  • Flower 'L' Total weight 6.96 carats White round centre (certificated) 1.51cts, pears 2.24cts, rounds 3.21cts.
  • Flower 'M' Total weight 6.25 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 2.15cts, white diamonds 4.10cts.
  • Flower 'N' Total weight 4.47 carats White round centre (certificated) 1.51cts, pears 1.19cts, rounds 1.77cts.
  • Flower 'O' Total weight 4.70 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 2.12cts, white diamonds 2.58cts.
  • Flower 'P' Total weight 3.96 carats White round centre (certificated) 1.02cts, pears 1.17cts, rounds 1.77cts.
  • Flower 'Q' Total weight 3.59 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 1.19cts, white diamonds 2.40cts.
  • Flower 'R' Total weight 8.29 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 3.49cts, white diamonds 4.80cts.
  • Flower 'S' Total weight 8.30 carats Yellow round centre (certificated) 3.52cts, white diamonds 4.78cts.
  • 'M1' Total weight 3.40 carats Yellow pear shape centre (certificated) 1.37cts, white pears 2.03cts.
  • 'M2' Total weight 4.29 carats Yellow pear shape centre (certificated) 1.42cts, white pears 2.87cts.
  • 'M3' Total weight 4.53 carats Yellow pear shape centre (certificated) 1.65cts, white pears 2.88cts.
  • 'M4' Total weight 3.25 carats Yellow pear shape centre (certificated) 1.25cts, white pears 2.cts.
  • 'M5' Total weight 2.29 carats Yellow pear shape centre (certificated) .66cts, white pears 1.63cts.
  • 'M6' Total weight 2.79 carats Yellow pear shape centre (certificated) 1.02cts, white pears 1.77cts.
  • 'M7' Total weight 2.98 carats Yellow pear shape centre (certificated) 1.07cts, white pears 1.91cts.
  • 'M8' Total weight 2.32 carats Yellow pear shape centre (certificated) .67cts, white pears 1.65cts.
  • 26x Diamond set jump rings 144# in the smalls, 80# in the large, total diamond weight 2.31cts.
  • 8x small yellow round diamonds, .20/.20/.21/.21/.22/.22/.28/.38, total weight 1.92cts.
  • All mounted in hallmarked 18 karat white gold, with exception to the tiara frame which has been made in the traditional German silver, and bound in black ribbon.